IDS 2024 RV Industry Trends Report

03 Digitally Enhancing the Customer Experience

Who Should You Sell To? Mobile-Friendly Is Now Mobile-Mandatory Building Customer Trust Through Dealership Cybersecurity

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Trend Highlights

Diverse Demographic of New RVers

Optimizing Your Website

Dealership Cybersecurity Builds Customer Trust 41% of RV dealers express concerns about potential cyber threats to their digital infrastructures.

Families with young kids: prioritize safety, easily cleanable interiors, and onboard entertainment. Millennials/Gen Z: Seek tech- friendly features, environmental consciousnesses, and spaces suitable for remote work.

Ensure your website loads quickly, displays properly, and is easy to navigate on mobile devices. Modern consumers appreciate online functionalities such as service bookings, digital payment options, and personalized post-purchase engagements.

Consider allocating about 10% of your IT budget towards cybersecurity measures. Transitioning to cloud solutions, like IDS Cloud, provides dealerships with fortified data storage, assuring not just enhanced security, but reflects your commitment to customer safety in the digital age.

Dealers should focus on enhancing their post-sale

service offerings, because these newer demographics might not be as adept with RV repairs.

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