IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report


The RV industry has shown incredible resilience over the last few years, and now dealers have their sights set on the future. We can see that reflected in the bold acquisitions taking place, the surge in new RV buyers, and the creative solutions dealers and manufacturers are coming up with to solve problems every day. Dealers have taken great strides in adopting important technological changes that improve dealership service, security, and sales. The technology is here and improving every day. RV dealers are poised to embrace all the possibilities that automation, analytics, and cloud environments create. This same drive is what inspires IDS to continue to work with dealers to fix service bottlenecks, make more informed decisions, and create better customer experiences. Strengthened by our partnerships with dealers over the last 30+ years in the RV industry, we are dedicated to creating solutions that help dealers seize opportunities and overcome challenges for years to come.

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