IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report

Consumers nowadays are more environmentally conscious and the popularity of going “off-grid” is growing. But the rising interest in energy-efficient and electric products isn’t driven by altruism alone. Rising fuel prices mean that people may be reluctant to travel far distances and to use vehicles that aren’t fuel-efficient or “green.” This trend is spurring more consumers to consider electric vehicles and energy-efficient lightweight vehicles. Dealers should continue to monitor consumer behavior to see if this trend continues to inspire more people to travel close to home in the year ahead, making electric vehicles a more viable solution.


The electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is growing with multiple manufacturers introducing EV concepts to the market. In 2022, Winnebago shared their e-RV concept, Thor shared their Vision Vehicle concept, and Airstream shared their eStream travel trailer concept with more manufacturers expected to follow this trend. According to GWI Zeitgeist December 2021, 57% of outdoor enthusiasts are willing to reduce their use of plastic, limit energy use and eat more sustainably while traveling . Additionally, according to Thor’s North American Motorized Electric RV study, 47% of survey respondents said they would use an electric RV at least once every two to three weeks, and some as much as once a week. To drive adoption, manufacturers will need to produce a range of price point models, beyond the luxury options.


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