IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report

ELECTRIC VEHICLE INFRASTRUCTURE To accommodate more EVs, more infrastructure will need to be built at dealerships, campgrounds, and consumer homes. Portable mobile stationary wall boxes are expected to be one of the driving forces of adoption. Offering solar panels and lithium-ion batteries can also help dealers reduce the need for gas-powered generators to power functions of the RV.

to provide charging stations for their businesses.

According to an IDS survey of RV dealers across North America, 90% of respondents are already selling electric features like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and electric power sources . In the upcoming years, this will likely become the norm.

Just as Wi-Fi capabilities are a required utility in campgrounds, EV charging stations will become required as well. 50-amp power pedestals are not a solution for re-charging EVs because plugging an EV into a 50-amp pedestal will burn out breakers and receptacles. Dealers will also need

GREENER MANUFACTURING Energy efficiency and other environmentally friendly initiatives may help dealers stand out from the competition. For example, Swedish manufacturer Dometic, crossed a sustainability threshold in 2022 where all of their production facilities in Europe are powered by 100% renewable electricity. Their reduction in emissions is equivalent to about 1000 passenger cars for an entire year. Manufacturers and dealers alike can answer the call for sustainability and demonstrate their plans for longevity by showing their commitment to finding energy-efficient solutions. TRAVELING LIGHT – COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT TRAILERS A more affordable alternative to electric vehicles is compact and lightweight options like teardrop trailers. During the first wave of the pandemic, many people parked small trailers in their driveways or backyard and used them as home office spaces—and even quarantine zones. While these lighter vehicles won’t offer all the same comforts as larger models, they suit shorter-term travelers who want basic amenities. These models are likely to continue being popular choices in the year ahead.

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