IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report

Who loves RVs? Well…everybody! More and more people are getting outdoors and as a result, RV buyer demographics are shifting. Many new buyers are young, tech-savvy, and environmentally conscious. Keeping an eye on new and prospective buyer groups will help dealers identify underserved demographics of new RV buyers, as well as new channels for reaching them. Evaluating your existing marketing strategy will help you identify any gaps that can be filled. Is there another target audience you can reach? How do they prefer to be communicated with? What do they value and how can you transform them from a first- time customer to a customer for life?


There are new RV buyers on the scene. Who are they and how do they travel?

According to a 2022 RMS North America survey, new RV owners are driving camping growth. Many people bought their first RV during the pandemic when travel was restricted, and now they want to get their money’s worth. RMS predicts that the average trip spending in the year ahead will surpass 2019 numbers. Notably, the report found that 48% of travelers plan to spend more time traveling within 300 miles of their homes. COST-CONSCIOUS “NEAR-CATIONERS” With inflation affecting the cost of travel, many RVers are choosing to stay close to home. According to a survey by Harvest Host, 62% of North Americans are planning to take trips to nearby cities, towns and parks; 51% of survey respondents plan on booking camping spots while only 19% of respondents plan on traveling internationally . But that doesn’t mean that travelers are cutting all costs. Americans still want to travel – half of all survey respondents said they are either raising their travel budgets slightly or significantly in the year ahead. Now is the time to get targeted with your marketing. Show your customers all the wonders they can enjoy – right next door.


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