IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report

DIGITAL NOMADS Despite many workplaces reopening in the past year, we’re still seeing buyers interested in the flexibility and freedom that roaming workplaces offer. People want comfortable, mobile offices that they can station in their yards, on a campsite, or out on the open road. There is an opportunity for dealers to target this audience and upsell accessories to make the digital nomad lifestyle easier—like Wi-Fi extenders, workstation extensions, chairs for both working and dining, and so on.


Millennials and Gen X buyers are dominating the market. According to a demographic study by RVIA:

of buyers surveyed were members of the Baby Boomer generation

of buyers were Gen X

of buyers were Millennials (generally aged 26-41)

31 %

38 %

22 %

bought at least one aftermarket part or accessory

bought three or more aftermarket accessories

The median buyer age was 33

89 %

54 %


Younger buyers have the potential to become lifetime buyers. To attract first-time buyers, dealers should be conscious of best practices when targeting these demographics, including a strong online buying experience, frequent communication, and transparency throughout the sale. Once they’ve won the sale, dealers should focus on their retention strategy to keep those customers coming back.

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