IDS 2023 RV Industry Trends Report


Automated Service Updates Customers want to know what is going on with their unit. If they need to ask, you’ve waited too long to update them. These days, customers expect automated updates on sales and service statuses. Automated service communication tools enable service teams to send real-time text message updates to customers about the status of their unit. In an IDS survey of RV dealers across North America, 60% of respondents cited status updates as one of the areas of service that they would like to automate. Digital Payments During the pandemic, many businesses, including the RV industry, had to update their payment processing system to support online and remote payments. But the convenience of digital payments is here to stay. Many customers expect to receive email or text payment requests and to be able to pay the same way. The added benefit for dealers is that they can easily sync payments with their Account Payables manager in their DMS. Digital Parts Requests Many dealerships still rely on paper request forms. The problem with paper is it needs to be walked to a bin, where it is often left to sit for a while. By digitizing your parts requests, you can send requests right from your mobile device. In an IDS survey of RV dealers across North America, 60% of respondents said they would like to automate parts ordering . Digital Signatures Like digital payments, offering the option to send and have customers sign Work Order documents via email helps create a more convenient, modern customer experience at your dealership. Digitizing signature requests also lends to a more efficient process for your service department—the documents can be synced automatically with your document manager, making it easier to track signatures.

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